About Us

Big Game Hunting New Zealand is one of very few outfitters in New Zealand offering real, wilderness expedition style hunting trips. In New Zealand the guided hunting industry is made up of around 90% high fence / 10% free range. We feel proud to be part of the latter.

Our hunts are physically and mentally testing, but extremely rewarding. We hunt in very remote areas of the New Zealand Southern Alps for Tahr, Chamois and Red stags. These hunts offer a very similar experience to a Yukon Moose hunt or a Montana Elk hunt. All require a mind for adventure and a respect for our chosen quarry.

Ben started BGHNZ in 2012 after feeling frustrated for overseas hunters wanting  real hunting experience but had always been funnelled down the “high fence” route as other outfitters would  promote “our hunts are fair chase” which is very misleading. Fair chase (fenced animals) and Free range (wild animals) are 100% different.

Ben has been hunting since he could walk and has spent 1000’s of days in the mountains of New Zealand and around the world hunting. He enjoys sharing our backyard with many overseas hunters looking for an adventure. We have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand back country and have a home and cabins located in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island for our hunters/friends and family to enjoy.

Big Game Hunting New Zealand is a member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association and has a DOC concession to guide on millions of acres of prime public land for red stag, bull tahr and chamois.