Public Expedition Hunts

Our Public Expedition hunts are our ultimate hunting adventure. Typically they are a helicopter access hunt, we land at a pre determined campsite high in the mountains, set up a base camp consisting of an M.I.A Gear wall tent and wood stove creating a portable hut in the remote high country of the South Island.

We then set about hunting our chosen area for the next 5-10 days looking for mature stags, bulls or bucks. We have many many locations available and we pick one based on the weather forecast to allow us to maximise our hunt as much as possible.

Each day we will venture away from camp in search of our chosen species trophy. The exciting part about any hunt like this is also the possibility of seeing other animals. i.e on a wilderness stag hunt it’s very common to also see chamois and even tahr. Likewise on a chamois or tahr hunt we will often see the other species during our travels which provides an extra opportunity to the hunter.

These hunts are hands down the most rewarding hunting experience possible. The animals are smart, cunning and elusive and demand respect, as does the terrain. This hunt is for hunters wanting to test themselves and reap the rewards. We suggest a high level of fitness to get the most out the adventure.

In short we are hunting some of the most remote areas of NZ, living out of a wall tent, eating fresh organic meat looking for Mr Big! If this sounds like your idea of an adventure; get in touch today!