Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

Can I bring my rifle with me?   –   Yes once you have booked a trip with us we will send you all the info you need to arrange with the NZ police to bring your rifle into the country for the duration of your hunt. It’s a very straight forward process.

When is the best time to hunt?   –   Feb – July is our main hunting season but if you are wishing to hunt during the rut its best to hunt stags between late March and Mid April, Tahr and Chamois in May/June.

Do I need to be fit?   –   Yes, get as fit as possible before arriving for your hunt as in our opinion your success is directly linked to been both mentally and physically resilient.  Do the hard work before arriving and you’ll have an amazing hunt.

What is the accommodation like?   –   On our wilderness expedition hunts we either tent camp (wall tent with fire) or back country hut. If on private land hunts we use musters huts.

How many hunters can I bring?   –   The ideal number is 2 hunters 1 guide, we can work with bigger groups of 3 or 4 without any problems but the price can increase due to needing a larger helicopter for everyone to fit.

What will the temperatures be?   –   New Zealand’s weather changes rapidly and unpredictably. May-July is very cold -10 nights +10 degrees during the days. Feb – April is normally settled but still 0 at night and 15-20 degrees celsius during the day. 

How long should we plan on?   –   You should allow approx. 4-5 days per species for a expedition style hunt trophy. 

How much do the helicopters cost?   –   Depending on the size a return trip into the hunt location varies from $1200 – $2500 per hunt. Most of the time its approx. $1500 which can be shared between the hunters.

Can you help with taxidermy and shipping?   –   Yes, we use a local taxidermist for all tanning and taxidermy. You will talk directly with him and he’ll arrange mounting and shipping where required. 

Is if safe hunting in the mountains?   –   Yes, all BGH guides are very experienced in mountain hunting and survival. All carry PLB locator beacons and GPS messaging devices.