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Early in the New Year I had two keen hunters from across the ditch join me for a 10 day Tahr, Chamois and Goat bow hunt. Brayden and Beau had never hunted Tahr but liked the idea of a real free range public land wilderness type hunt where we’d rough it and try our luck.

I brought the rifle along as well mainly as a back up incase we saw a nice bull that the lads might want to take home with them. The weather was a mixed bag really and we ended up spending 4 nights on the West Coast and the rest on the East trying to chase the good weather and animals. Finally spending a day in Central Otago chasing billy goats around with the bows.

Overall we had a great trip seeing over 100+ tahr, a few chamois and deer resulting in the lads both shooting there first tahr with bow and rifle. We covered some serious miles both on foot and in the ute, Brayden ended up taking a very nice 13″ public land bull with the rifle on last light of our last night after we hunted him for 4+ hours with the bow but couldn’t get closer than 80 yards due to running out of cover.

I managed to film the hunt and get some great footage which ill get round to editing at some point in the meant time here’s a few photos from our trip..

Cheers Brayden & Beau top lads look forward to hunting again with you in the future.


Loading the machine for the flight in20170105_094039Beau fully loaded ready to find some tahr20170105_125148_001 West Coast on a good day20170105_125441 Side creek full of tahr just a waiting game now..20170105_183105Brayden closing the gap on his first tahr with the bow20170105_192318Camp meat, Brayden butchering his tahr taken at 43 yards.20170105_201434Meat..20170105_203006Mob of summer bulls in the fog.MVI_4549.MP4.20_59_06_08.Still002Young bullsMVI_4549.MP4.20_59_34_15.Still003Older bullsMVI_4549.MP4.20_59_17_22.Still001Spot the bull and hunter 70 yards apart to far for a shot unfortunately 20170106_202049Bulls heading for coverMVI_4551.MP4.21_00_08_18.Still001Classic East Coast tahr country20170109_163203Beau lining up his first tahr and some well needed meatMVI_4608.MP4.21_24_06_48.Still001Beau with his first tahr20170109_214423East Coast bullsMVI_4627.MP4.21_35_46_12.Still001Bulls were still reasonably low for JanMVI_4645.MP4.21_46_30_34.Still001Brayden’s last minute 13″ Bull tahrIMG_5002Cape and head done, Midnight and time to head for camp20170110_235022Getting to work in the dark20170110_231128Camp the morning after20170111_082618If your keen on a REAL New Zealand hunting experience get in touch and book a hunt today. +6427 232 5083 or email info@bghnz.co.nz

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