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Well as since spring has really cranked up around here I’ve been flat out helping guys with meat hunts leading into the summer/christmas break. This time of year offers some of the best hunting going as the animals catch up on lost time feeding non-stop to put some condition back on since winter.

I haven’t had a lot of time to get out for myself unfortunatley due to work commitments and dad duties. I also don’t really do alot of hunting this time of year for myself as the stags have dropped there antlers and the hinds will be dropping fawns so unless I need some meat I catch up on work closer to home, or help others fill there freezer with guided meat hunts.

It had been a while since I flung an arrow at anything target or deer so with an itch to get out recently I picked a cold wet southerly weekend and grabbed the bow. Myself and mate Zac headed out to try film a evening/overnight bow hunt. Filming a bow hunt solo isn’t easy in fact its a bloody mission but having someone to run the camera made things a lot easier for me to concentrate on getting within range without having the hassle of also trying to capture it on film.

The new dog box set up well for carrying my bow and hunting gearmvi_0925-00_00_23_00-still001Stalking the pine forest catching deer moving between cover and feed areasmvi_0925-00_02_23_20-still007Red yearling at 95 yardsmvi_0925-00_03_35_05-still010Shot finally presents itselfmvi_0925-00_04_40_16-still013Blood on the arrow always a good sign..mvi_0925-00_07_56_30-still022Thankfully despite the weather we saw numerous deer and had a great evening on the hill. Below is the video of the hunt and shows the typical terrain one can expect if you book a guided hunt with me in the Wairarapa region of the North Island. Yes this block is a working station but its also 100% free range no deer fencing and no released blood. If your interested you booking a bow or rifle hunt either here or on public land please feel free to email on info@bghnz.co.nz or phone 0272325083

Happy hunting


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