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These days I dont get alot of time to do my own hunting trips, but when a mate Jay mentioned he was keen to shoot a decent bull tahr before the years out that gave me all the excuse I needed. Fast forward a few weeks and with spring now in full swing we hit the road South. First we were going to check out a new spot for Chamois and then head into tahr country after spring bulls.

Looking for chamois in the North Canterbury high countryMVI_1029.MP4.16_26_11_01.Still001As fate would have it we saw buggar all Chamois in the new area, in fact only one lone buck and a small one at that but we did find a few reds knocking about so after a few days we pulled pin taking a couple of nice eating deer with us and headed further south in search of bull tahr low in the valleys.

No chammy but some great eating venison20161106_065133Plenty of prime meat for the BBQ20161106_065201After a short 4×4 drive up a river bed we chucked the packs on and beat the feet for an hour or so until we reached our chosen spot for the next 2 nights. Within minutes we’d spotted tahr and a mob of bulls so sprits were high. We waited until later in the day to let the Tahr feed down from the bluffs and hopefully save us alot of climbing. Sure enough when the clock hit 4pm the tahr were almost running from the bluffs to the lush spring grass on the lower slopes.

Great spot to spot tahr from20161107_115730Jay watch some tahr high above us20161107_171157(0)Spring a great time to hunt bull tahrMVI_4309.MP4.17_42_23_32.Still001Unfortunately that evening wind was a real pain in the arse and we couldn’t close the gap to shooting range of the bulls so we glassed hard all evening picking up over 100+ tahr in the bluffs around us. The Bulls would have to wait until tomorrow. The next day we found our tahr and managed a hard stalk in searing heat to get Jay his first decent bull tahr and a fantastic skin to go on the lounge floor.

I also managed to shoot my first tahr in about 2 years another 12 inch bull with a beautiful dark spring coat.I filmed the trip and need to get some editing done like normal theres not enough time in the day but I’m hoping to get it sorted over the next month or so. In the mean time here’s a few photos of the trip.

200 yards above the mob Jay about to shoot the biggest in the mobMVI_4341.MP4.18_29_07_18.Still001Jay with his first Bull tahr a nice 12 1/4 inch blonde bull20161108_183104My bull taken as the mob departed20161108_184207Heading home before the sh*t weather hits20161109_090033-01 (2)If your keen on a REAL New Zealand hunting experience get in touch and book a hunt today. +6427 232 5083 email info@bghnz.co.nz

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