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Well its that time of year again and we have a heap of amazing prizes to give away for the annual Rut and Roar Comp!

Thanks to these great sponsors for supporting the kiwi hunting community with prizes for this years comp. Please head over and check out their Facebook pages and give them a like..

Or follow the links below to check out there websites.

Ruahine Tanning & Taxidermy
KUIU – South Pacific
Cactus Outdoor
Kilwell Sports

There are 3 categories to enter – details below:

Category 1 – TWO Prizes for the best “LIVE” Stag, Bull tahr or Chamois buck photos. Please note they need to be taken between March 1st and June 24th 2016. Please send in the highest quality image possible.

Category 2 – TWO Prizes for best trophy photos. For example these could be you carrying your trophy back to camp, you and your trophy on the hill, your trophy at camp around the fire etc. Remember a trophy can be anything; stag, tahr, buck of any size but please remember to send in the highest quality photo possible. Taken between March 1st & June 24th 2016

Category 3 – TWO prizes for ROAR or Rut videos – We wanna see 30 seconds – 1 minute of action! It might be a sika stag roaring at 30 meters before your mate shoots him.. It might be big red stags roaring hard in the tussock 50 yards from you. Show us your best piece of action that you video this roar! These need to be sent into the page via a private message. Please note we will only be able to put up suitable footage ie safe and legal behaviour. Any videos that we post on the main page will mean you have an entry into this comp as we cannot include videos in the album. Remember this is all about quality so HD footage and the closer the better!

We also have one spot prize to give away ontop of the 6 above!

28) Rodney SoperHere’s Rodney Soper and Luna with his entry check out the BGH Facebook to see all photos and videos!

Goodluck, stay safe and happy hunting!

Here’s the link to the competition to view more.

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