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Here’s a short report of a hunting trip from about a month ago:

A mate Travis had a small amount of time off leading up to his busy time of the year at work so we hatched a plan to go have a look at a spot I was planning to check out over the roar mainly to get an idea of what’s in the area. We were also after a stripping stag for Trav, he shot a nice 40″ red a few years back in the Ahurihi valley but he was missing a top point so he¬†was still looking for something to hang on the wall.

We spent 2 nights looking for a big boy but could only find an old 10 pointer that we ended up leaving for someone else as it wasn’t what we were looking for. We did see a few hinds which was encouraging leading into the roar and Trav shot a nice chammy buck that had an amazing cape that will be great for another head I shot in November. Summer time is a great time for chammy capes as they are almost a bright yellow and make fantastic looking mounts. Depending on the area, their summer coats don’t really appear until after Christmas and by April/May when the chammy start rutting they head back to their black & white coats.

I’ll keep this report short and sweet as I have a busy few weeks ahead so will do my best to add some new stories/reports when I can, hopefully lots of great content to follow.IMG_3159Bivy camp in a small side streamIMG_3151Travis having a closer look at some ChammyIMG_3208Buck downIMG_3211Travis with his summer chammy buckIMG_323710 pointer living up high in the tussockIMG_3259This stag was a real old boy in top condition

On a side note the roar has arrived and BGH along with the MSC has produced some great hunter safety videos which will be out over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those.

Please, please, stay safe, look after ya mates and lets make sure everyone gets home in one piece! Remember treat every noise, shape, movement as HUMAN until proven otherwise. Good luck and happy hunting




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