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Back in late April I fortunate enough to take two absolute good buggars from Ireland on a 9 day wilderness expedition chasing tahr. Jason and Will both worked part time as hunting guides for sika deer in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland so I knew these lads would be up for an adventure.

Wilderness tent camp20170422_070347We started the trip off on the West Coast before bad weather pushed us east. We had some decent weather and covered some serious miles.. The goal was to get each a nice mature bull to take home for the wall.

Tahr country20170422_094504We saw alot of smaller animals and finding a decent bull for the lads was becoming a real challenge about day 6 we had Jason lining up on a good bull at 200ish yards. The .270 done the job and as luck would have it he got caught up on a bluff on the way down making recovery impossible.

Tahr were still very highIMG_6056We were all gutted we’d worked so hard yet our bull was dead and snuck on a bluff 100m above us. But unfortunately thats tahr hunting and its better to live to hunt another day than kill yourself trying to recover a dead bull.IMG_6061Over the next couple of days Will and I chased a few nice bulls with one encounter getting to around 40 yards in falling light that wasn’t to be. Earlier that same day we’d seen a big bull from about 2km we’d named gorilla. And Will been a man thats loves a challenge eventually caught up with this chap and got the job done resulting in a magnificent 13 inch bull with amazing cape.

Will’s great gorilla bullĀ IMG_2254(1)I really enjoyed hunting with these guys they are true blue wilderness adventure hunters and it was a pleasure showing them a little slice of NZ. Both Jason and Will create some great content online so if your interested in checking them out heres there Instagram accounts give them a follow and keep an eye out for there content.

Check out the boys Instagram for some great hunting content
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.58.49 am Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.59.15 amBig climbs before the snow hits20170423_12043320170421_144810Plenty of nannies and young bullsIMG_6098IMG_6067IMG_2292 IMG_2312

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