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Want to learn to hunt the right way?

Big Game Hunting offers hands on hunter training courses. The goal here is to give guys & girls the confidence to plan, execute and safely return from a hunting trip whether it’s a day hunt or a 2 week hunt in Fiordland. This course is designed to up-skill and offer knowledge to improve and install  good hunting techniques, practices, and planning to give you the best chance at been successful on your own future hunts.  The BGH hunter training course isn’t all about sitting in a classroom, it’s about hands on in the field experiences and training. With every course been undertaken in prime hunting country where each day/evening multiple hours will be spent in rich deer country practicing the skills we are training.

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Will with his first deer after a well executed stalk on his first red deer hunt during the hands on Hunter Ed coarse this spring.20161017_071810

  1. BGH Confidence Program

This course is run over 2 nights, 3 days on private land in top deer country. As in the description, this course is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to back your skills to head into the backcountry by yourself either day hunting or overnight hunting. The course covers a lot of information that will be put into practice each day in the field.

Will and Devon getting some range work in and becoming familiar with there rifles during the spring coarse.20161016_161717Typically the mornings are spent learning topics and the evening spent in the field/bush hunting and applying those skills learnt. The course location is amongst some of New Zealand’s best free range hunting and you can expect to see good numbers of deer during each field trip, there will also be opportunities to take animals on these field trips. Topics covered over the 3 days include.

  • Hunt Planning
  • Hunting Gear – what to take?
  • Hunting Food
  • Firearm Safety
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Ethics
  • Hunt Techniques
  • Stalk Planning
  • After the Kill
  • Butchery

This is a great course for anyone wanting to gain some new skills and improve your success rate while in the field. The difference with our course is we are in the field every day seeing animals and refining those skills we teach to leave you with confidence to undertake your own successful hunting adventures safety.20161017_090835Price: $500 per person.

(group discounts available, each person will take home some of the venison shot during the course)shaun-work-do2resizedht2

2. BGH Expedition Program

The BGH expedition course is designed for hunters who already have confidence in the back country, but having limited success in taking animals or trophies. These courses are multi day field trips into hunting areas to offer advice and demonstrate hunting techniques to help improve your success rate. This course is more of a informational hunting trip, where we will share and help improve your skills in all areas.

Expedition Course will cover

  • Campsites
  • Glassing
  • Stalking
  • Bushcraft
  • Food
  • Planning
  • Gear selection
  • Hunting techniques
  • Navigation
  • Area selection
  • Species behaviour
  • Packing techniques
  • Trophy evaluation
  • Wind movements

Any animals shot on these hunts/courses are yours to take home. Trips are designed to suit you and your hunting area. Ie.. if you mainly hunt bush and want to improve your skills on the tops thats where we’ll head. You will need to have all the correct gear to partake in the Expedition course, A required gear list will be emailed to you on confirmation of booking.

This is a great course/hunt for anyone wanting to put more meat on the table or trophies on the wall. The BGH guide is there as a knowledge base for your to use to learn as much as you want. We offer years and years of back country experience to give you skills and information that would otherwise take years to learn.

Price: POA (dependant on location and length of trip)

If you are interested in taking part in one of the courses above please register your interest via email to info@bghnz.co.nz we will get back to you with dates of upcoming courses. 

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