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Huntech Softshell Jacket – Review

I was lucky enough to be supplied a Huntech jacket back in Feb this year to give it a good working over in NZ hunting conditions. It’s good to see hunters being offered a dedicated light weight rain coat and on inspection this one looked very well designed and put together but like anything it needed to be put through its paces to see how it would really perform. The first trip for the jacket was a late Feb high altitude tahr hunt in baking hot conditions, but when that sun disappears over the hill in the evenings that suddenly changes and the Huntech Anorak did a great job of blocking out the bitterly cold wind. Over the next couple of months that coat accompanied me into the Ruahines for an early roar trip and then down into Otago chasing rutting Fallow bucks. On these hunts we endured rain, hail, and snow. From there it was back to the North Island chasing Sika in the Kawekas and Fallow bucks in the Wanganui area where the weather was more rain then shine. In recent times over winter we’ve been out in some extremely cold conditions chasing Thar and Chamois on the West Coast, so it’s sheltered my sorry carcass through some of the worst weather our lovely country has on offer.


How did it perform you might ask?

This lightweight packable jacket stood up to the test without too much of an issue. When its really wet this Softshell Stalker coat doesn’t become water logged and heavy, plus it can be dried in a very short time. The jacket has some cool little features that help it stand out from the rest with two deep chest pockets that are well deep enough to hold your GPS and headlight on one side, and your hat and gloves on the other side. Both pockets have seam sealed YKK zips that help keep your gear as dry as possible on those wet days or when you’re pushing through that sodden bush. Another feature with this jacket is the under arm seam sealed zips that can be opened when the going gets tough and you need to let a bit of heat out on those big uphill slogs or when you have that big boar on board and you don’t want to get all that blood over your other gear on the walk out. The jacket also comes with a longer tail which is real handy while sitting with the bino’s out, as you can pull it up under your bum to keep your pants dry on those wet days. Another great feature with this jacket is the built in neoprene cuffs that can be adjusted with a Velcro strap, then the outer jacket pulls over these to help with keeping water out. The built in hood with a nice built in collar helps to keep your head and neck warm and this can be pulled in tighter with the adjustable draw cords to stop the wind getting in. With all these little features the jacket performed as it should and did its best to keep me dry and warm and sheltered from the wind. The jacket also come in two colours Military Green or if you like a bit of camouflage in comes in a high country tussock look.


Overall view of this jacket

To be honest I was unsure how this Huntech jacket would go being so light weight and it was extra hard to leave my old faithful at home. It does not have the soft outer we have come to expect in hunting jackets these days but it was not noisey or scratchy when stalking game at close range.  Once I got used to this new type of anorak I was more than happy to take it where ever I was going to be hunting. I was impressed with the performance as it held out all the conditions you would expect it to be exposed to including the miserable winter conditions that NZ can deliver. If someone is after a jacket with heaps of features and doesn’t want to break the bank try the Huntech soft shell anorak, you won’t be disappointed. 


Spec’s from Huntech

The outer surface has been treated with a full DWR water repellent finish to help with water runoff and beading. The middle layer being our exclusive Hydrotech membrane is the key component to the fabric. The finished test results for this 3 layer combination of 1) Woven Softshell Outer, 2) Hydrotech Membrane, 3) Internal Tricot gauze has a breathable rating of 17,500 gm/24h and a waterproof rating of 26,500mm. The internal protective gauze lining has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment before bonding to help combat natural body odours and also protect our Hydrotech membrane. All seams are finished with our own high quality seam seal tape and tested to withstand a minimum o 3500psi during the final QC process.

To find these products Visit Huntechs web site or visit your local Hunting and Fishing outlet for your full range of sizes and colours to suit.


Huntech Softshell Jacket - Review
It actually is a rain coat, not a bush shirt that claims to be a raincoat!Nice and lightweight, packs down small in your pack.Good deep chest pockets to help store a bit of gear when you’re out on a huntGood overall fit, plenty of shoulder and chest roomNice long tail to the jacketDry's fast
This is not a jacket for someone that hunts Gorse or Matagouri country as the water proof membrane can be damaged which will compromise the performance of the jacket in wet conditions.A bit more length in the front would help the water run off onto your legs not your shorts.A firmer brim around the edge of the hood peak would improve the design.
8.5Overall Score
Durability 8.8
Size when packed8.2
Reader Rating 47 Votes
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