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Early April and the stags had been going nuts for the last week, Dave and his son Craig were down to try get Craig his first roaring stag. Craig been only 8 years old had already a few deer under his belt and is a fit little buggar to boot.resized7Over the next couple of days we hunted a few different roaring stags, seeing good numbers but getting a decent opportunity for Craig was proving a little tricky due to the wind often giving us away at the last moment. One afternoon we shot down the back to see what was around and immediately after turning the bike off and glassing an adjacent face I picked up a big red stag licking his wounds and catching some shut eye out in the open.IMG_5949 Only in the roar do these big boys do such stupid stuff.. I’d never seen this stag before and now he’s bedded in the open in broad daylight. There had to be hinds around somewhere for him to be so content so we got to working the manuka face and it wasn’t long before we picked up half a dozen hinds all bedded in the shade under the scrub waiting for the sun to drop before they started feeding.resized“Great” we thought and we spent the next 2 hours closing the gap to 250 yards. The plan was to wait the stag out and let the hinds feed from cover dragging the stag another 100 yards closer to make the shot a bit easier for Craig. While we were waiting patiently for the deer to get up and start moving another nice 10 point red stag appeared down wind of the hinds and big boy and proceeded to try steal the bigger stags hinds. This caused our stag to promptly round up his hinds and drive them towards us at a great rate of knots. Not ideal for young Craig but when the big boy stopped at 150 to look back at the 10 pointer Craig fired, unfortunately hitting the stag a little far back; Dave grabbed the rifle and pulled off an excellent shot dropping the stag on the move.resizeddc4resizeddc5It turned out to be a good old stag pushing 40″ in length and 40″ in width. Young Craig was a happy lad and we got to work butchering and taking some photos before heading back to the house for a well earned dinner and beer.resizeddc3The following morning was Dave and Craig’s last hunt and the plan was to find a hind or yearling for the pot to take home. We were out the door early planning to hunt a little gully that the deer tend to feed in overnight. We got in early and picked up a dozen or so deer feeding and making their way back to cover. Closing the gap on a nice red hind Craig got set up and pulled up a great shot at 100 yards and the old girl was down.resizeddc2 We headed back sorted all the meat and Dave and Craig headed home with some great memories. It’s great to see a young fulla so keen on the outdoors and learning to hunt; I’m sure this lad has a bright hunting future ahead of him!

If you’re interested in a free range red stag hunt on this property or public land please get in touch info@bghnz.co.nz or phone 0272325083

Short video of Dave and Craig’s animals taken

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