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This hunt took place back in May, on the East Coast of the South Island during the peak of the Tahr rut. Jason and Maarten had joined me looking for trophy bull tahr. Jason had never seen or hunted tahr and Maarten had had limited success before but never shot a nice bull. So for the next week we were going to try change that.

Home for the next week20170516_101411(0)Over the next week we experienced some great weather although extremely cold, the day of the pick up it was -10 at 10am so no doubt well below that during the night. We had a couple of very windy days resulting in two tents been flattened an MSR and Katmandu North Star. Both Macpac tents were fine!

King of the mountainsIMG_6135We also had some great hunting with both guys taking a nice trophy each. And saw some plenty of nice younger animals that will hopefully last a few more years. Below is a few photos from the trip if you’re interested in hunting tahr in the future feel free to get in touch and book you’re next hunting adventure with us.

Young bull keeping watch on the hunters below himIMG_6250 Spoils of a great week huntingIMG_6361 Maarten with his first good bull IMG_6194 Jason with his bull taken in some classic tahr country… rocky shuteIMG_6299 Cleaning skins and spotting tahrIMG_6381 Beautiful cape on this ladIMG_6134Another shot of Jason bull IMG_6329 Bull and his girls high in the bluffsIMG_6175Short video clip of Jason’s Bull hitting the deck


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